Transparent Partition Manufacturers & Suppliers in Pune, India

Transparent Partitions Manufacturer & Supplier in Pune

Do you maintain Physical Distancing? If not -Use Transparent Partitions.

We Frontline Sneeze and Cough Guards in India are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Transparent Partitions. Our company is located at Pune .We known for manufacturing and supplying of screen guards with transparent partitions are used to communicate people to each other through screen guard. It reduced risk of transformation of viruses. We designed transparent partitions with acrylic glasses to keep staff/people safe. We offered transparent partitions with various sizes and dimensions as per demand of customers.

These Transparent partitions are commonly used in offices and salons to maintain social distancing between employee/customers. We designed transparent partitions with features like durable and portable. It is very easy to clean and can maintain hygienic. These Transparent partitions acts as physical barrier and keep people separated from each other and reduced risk from getting infected by viruses.

We are well-known as Transparent Partitions Manufacturer and Supplier in the markets forproviding transparent partitions with superior quality and reasonable prices on short time delivery. We made transparent partitions with sturdy and toughened glass to prevent from damage and scratches.  

Transparent Partitions Manufacturer & Supplier in Pune, India


  • Act as a Physical Barrier
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Sturdy and toughened glass
  • Reduced risk of infections
  • Available with Reasonable Prices
  • Multipurpose Usage