Countertop Sneeze Guard Manufacturers & Suppliers in Pune/India

Countertop Sneeze Guard Manufacturers & Suppliers in Pune/India

Your receptionist is safe from viruses? Did you still buy counter-top screen guard?  

The Frontline Sneeze and Cough Guards are leading Counter-Top Screen Guard Manufacturer and Supplier for manufacturing and supplying of counter top screen guards for offices, hotels, shops, banks, salons, gyms etc. to prevent receptionist safe from exposure of harmful droplets which are releasedthrough sneezing, coughing and even talking. We offered counter-top screen guards with different sizes along with customized sizes/standard sizes and dimensions as per customer’s requirements.

These counter-top screen guards can assembled easily on flat surfaces of counter-top desk. We designed small window at the bottom of the counter-top screen guard for transferring of money or other materials. We created these windows for counter-top screen guard with different dimensions as per customer’s requirements.

As per industrial norms and standard, we provide counter-top screen guards with superior quality at international standard level. So we are widely accepted as Counter-Top Screen Guard Manufacturers and Suppliers in the markets. We delivered Counter-top screen guards with high quality and flexible prices on short time period to fulfill customer’s satisfaction.  

Countertop Sneeze Guard Manufacturer & Supplier in Pune, India-Features:

  • Keep Receptionist Safe
  • Available in different sizes and dimensions
  • Flat structured
  • Transparent  and Frameless
  • Counter-Top Desk usage
  • Highly Safety
  • Portable and Durable